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Thank you @tomislavrubinjoni1990
@goranspaleta for trying the Biorower #Pro and #Club @bledrowing this #weekend

Glad you loved it!

@perfectbalancerowing @digiovannarealtygroup @bodybasicsomaha

Thank you to and_u23 and @edoardo_sacco for trying the Biorower #Pro and #Club @bledrowing

We are glad you like the #Biorower

@bodybasicsomaha @perfectbalancerowing @ecolifestylefitnesshk

Try Biorower this week @bledrowing #warmupzone

#Pro and #Club ready for testing, including @kinomap integration

Looking forward to meet you there with

There were many years, where manufacturing 3 Biorowers per year in a tiny old workshop was the norm. I had two, quite often three dayjobs to keep things going.
Today, we had to put our first sea container in front of our new workshop.

#20years #makeyourownrules

Why settle for second best, if you will enjoy it almost every day?

How the #Biorower is made.
@perfectbalancerowing @ecolifestylefitnesshk

We have heard about limited water time for college crews.



Biorower Founder Aram Lemmerer about Biorower and the Story behind the company


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