Why Biorower - BIOROWER - the worlds first smart rowing simulator


The BIOROWER is the worlds best indoor rowing machine. This is a fact, not a marketing claim. There is nothing like it on the market.

Personally, I am an all or nothing person. Either we build the best (by far) or I am not doing it.

The BIOROWER started out as a problem solution for my sore back. I was 20 years old, in the national team, and my back could not take the long linear pull rowing machine workouts anymore. The “old guys”, 70, 80+ years old, could still row pain free while I could not. The point is, that they had grown up without the “erg”, but I had. So, we developed a rowing machine that would demand me to row like in the boat. Two decades later, the BIOROWER is considered to be by far the best rowing machine on the market. It is used by rowers and non-rowers alike. By professional sports teams as warm-up and safe cardio device, by rowing national teams, by universities, by people who have no affiliation with rowing, but know that this is the sport to stay fit until you are very, very old. The majority of BIOROWERs are in private homes, in living rooms, in fitness basements. The BIOROWER is bought by physiotherapy studios to improve their patients symmetry, to improve their back problems and to provide a safe and enjoyable way to do endurance and strength work without much impact.

This page is a collection of the most important reasons why our customers invest in a BIOROWER. Ultimately, however, you have to experience what it is like to row on a BIOROWER yourself. The feeling is difficult to describe other than with superlatives. The most realistic, the most fun, the most healthy for your back. The most advanced rowing machine for teams, the easiest rowing machine to use if you have never rowed before. 

Here are the top three reasons that our customers have for purchasing one or more BIOROWERs

Aram Lemmerer, BIOROWER founder

BIOROWER smart rowing simulator is the worlds best indoor rower

Reason #1: BIOROWER rows like the boat

The BIOROWER feels and rows like the real boat. The body motion is identical, the cockpit set-up is identical, the adjustability is identical. The BIOROWER is the world’s most realistic indoor rower.

Reason #2: BIOROWER offers imbalance training

The S1pro comes with a unique and heavily sought after feature: a mechanism to train you core stability for the boat. Coping with imbalanced boats is one of the greatest challenge for rowers. With the S1pro, you can work on this all winter long – and all summer.

Reason #3: BIOROWER is better for your back than linear drive ergometers

The BIOROWER feels good on my back. I just don’t have backpain on a BIOROWER, while my back becomes tight on linear drive ergs.

Reason #4: Row faster with high precision data

The BIOROWER delivers more data, that is more precise and I can use BIOROWER data to go faster and match my rowing style accross the entire team. 

Reason #5: build significantly faster rowing teams and boats

The ultra realistic rowing motion in combination with realtime high precision data on force curves, stroke lengths and much more helps every rower on your team to create exactly the same influence on the boat, especially when they are tired.

Reason #6: Improves your technique during winter season, does not mess it up like linear drive ergs

From a coach’s perspective, linear drive rowing machines mess up your technique and your muscle memory, as these require a different motion pattern than the actual boat. Linear ergs reward “bad” technique that is potentially harmful for your back. 

Reason #7: The best way to stay fit until your very old age

The BIOROWER is the best option to stay fit and healthy at home until very old age. It is almost impossible to hurt yourself with the workout on a BIOROWER.

Reason #8: BIOROWER is adaptable to Para Rowers

The BIOROWER is also suitable for people with paralysed legs. Special para rowing upgrade kits turn a BIOROWER Pro into the most realistic indoor rower for para athletes. 

Reason #9: Physiotherapists use and recommend BIOROWER over any other rowing machine

Doctors, Physiotherapists and Scientists recommend the BIOROWER over conventional linear drive rowing machines. It is healthier and better for your body. 

Reason #10: Realistic rowing is more fun, this is why you do it more

Almost all BIOROWER customers state as their number one reason for buying a BIOROWER Pro that the realistic rowing motion gives them more joy. The reason for that is the full range of motion training the true rowing motion offers. It is a full body low impact strength and cardio workout. 

Reason #11: 20-30 min of rowing save you hours in the gym

The true rowing motion is a low impact full body strength and cardio workout. Spending 20 – 30 minutes on a BIOROWER gives you a more comprehensive and healthier workout than 60 minutes in the gym. 



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