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Getting started with the Biorower App

Biorower App
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Calibrating angles on Club and Pro models after sensor upgrade


App & Connection

Although we are working on the IOS version of the Biorower App, we cannot give you a release date yet. As of now, only Android smart phones and tablets are supported.

You will need Android 5.0 and up and Bluetooth 4.0 and up

Please check the following steps:

  1. Make sure that both sensors are flashing green (green blinking led on both black sensor boxes)
    If they flash orange, they need to be recharged.
  2. Does your device have Android 5.0 and up and Bluetooth 4.0 and up?
  3. Go to SETTINGS --> BIOROWER --> TAP TO SET THE NEAREST BIOROWER (you will need to connect your mobile device with your specific Biorower first to avoid interference from other Biorowers next to yours)
  4. Make sure you have provided the Biorower app all required permissions. You do so by going to your general Android Tablet or Phone Settings --> Applications / Apps --> Biorower --> Permissions --> tick all boxes
    What does the Biorower App require location?
    In fact we do not track your location at all, but location tracking summarizes a bunch of other important permissions in one term.


Background information: We are testing our App with as many different devices and configurations as we can lay our hands upon, however, there are so many on the market, that this is an extensive task. 99% of all issues are related to false Android settings - which can be changed easily.

Please make sure that you have put the left oarlock on the left side and the right oarlock on the right side. 



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