One Eight
...or two Fours
...or four Pairs
...or eight Singles
...or any other set-up

Use scientific grade accuracy data to synchronize your team off the water.
Match their stroke lengths, force curves and rowing styles.
Long before they even touch the water. 

There are things, you just can teach better on land, hands on.  Make your athletes understand what they do. 

The Biorower Pro easily converts from sculling to sweep rowing, from oar handles only to full oars and back. Make blade work visible if you have got the space, or work on synchronicity of your stroke while being on land. 

Need eight singles or four pairs, or one four and two pair? The Biorower Pro is modular and adapts to your needs. 

Start with purchasing one Pro, add more anytime. 


Q: What are the advantages over a conventional rowing tank?
A: The Biorower offers the true rowing dynamics during the drive. In the boat, we accelerate because the water has greater inertia than the weight of the boat and all rowers combined. In a rowing tank, we try to reverse that very same principle and move tons of water. This cannot work properly and leads to a feeling of moving fresh concrete. Powered rowing tanks with moving water do not solve that problem, it just feels like trying to accelerate concrete that is in motion. 

Q: How does the overall cost compare?
A: A Biorower Modular rowing tank is both cheaper to buy and cheaper to operate. A Biorower Modular rowing tank costs about half of a conventional rowing tank, and the annual cost for maintainance are a fraction of the cost involved to run a rowing tank. 



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