Delivery options - BIOROWER - the worlds first smart rowing simulator


There are multiple ways to have your brand new BIOROWER delivered. 

Curb side

The standard delivery option. This works best if you have got help to bring your BIOROWER into your house by yourself. The crate weighs 199kg (439lbs), so you will have to open it curbside as well and bring in all the parts separately. 

Driveway / garage delivery:

The forwarding company delivers curb side and the driver helps you to bring  the crate into your drive way or garage, as long at it is level ground. Please keep in mind that the crate is 200cm (6.6 feet) wide, so your drive way and your garage door must be wide enough. The access must be levelled, and not include any stairs or drops or inclines. 

White Glove service with installation and training on site

White Glove Service 1: Pre-delivery by forwarder, tech arrives the next day:

Your BIOROWER will be delivered the day before our tech arrives and should be stored in your garage or any other dry space that is accessible for the driver with a pallet mover. Our certified BIOROWER technician arrives the very next day to set-up your new BIOROWER, connect your mobile device, and instruct you in detail how to use your new Pro or Club. 

White Glove Service 2: Delivery through BIOROWER technician, set-up and training on site.

Two mechanics assemble a BIOROWER Pro, which is considered to be the worlds best indoor rower.


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