Q: I don’t have enough time to train on water. Would it be a good solution to use a Biorower?

A: Yes. We have created the Biorower the replicate the original boat cockpit, and the original resistance feeling as closely as technically possible. This is difficult to describe without making it sound like a heavily exaggerated ad. “It feels very real.” This is what customers tell us. And that “there is no real alternative to a Biorower”.

Q: Will I find the instability existing on a real boat ?
A: The Pro comes with the optional instability option. You can set it to be stable, semi-instable or fully instable, in continuous degrees. You have to differentiate between a Biorower with inboards (oarhandles) only and a Biorower with full oars (which requires a lot of space, naturally)
A Biorower with inboards only is primarily stabilized with core stability and body balance. A Biorower with full oars is additionally stabilized with blade work.

Q: Should I purchase a Pro or a Club model?
A: To enjoy instability (if you want it), the ability to do sweep rowing and for heavy duty use: to go for the Pro. If you want to do sculling only, instability training is not important to you and you are not a heavy duty user, the Club will be perfect.
Rich DiGiovanna, our BIOROWER USA partner put it like this: “You row the Club, and you think it is the best rowing machine in the world… until you try the Pro”

Q: Can I put wooden racing seats on both, Club and Pro models?
A: Yes. These are optional for both models.

Q: Can I use real rowing shoes?
A: We are working on an adapter to allow for real rowing shoes. This will be available for Club and Pro models.

Q: Is it made in Austria?
A: Yes, it is made in Austria.

There is no dealer in my country. Can I order online?

Yes. The set-up and maintainance is simple. If you need help, we support you by video chat or phone call.

Is a display included?

The Biorower comes without a display. The senders connect with your tablet or smartphone. The list of requirements for your device is short. You’ll need

# Android 5.x or higher

Is the assembly difficult?

The assembly is a simple set-by-step process. There is a clear cut manual.
The assembly should be done by 2 people, and it usually takes roughly 20-30 minutes.

How long is the warranty?

We offer a 2 year global warranty. More details here

What if something breaks?

The entire concept of the Biorower is made for easy maintainance and service. Problems occur rarely, but any mechanical product will have faults eventually during its long product life.
If you are located in a country where there is no dealership, we provide video chat customer service and express shipping of spare parts.

Is the Biorower App free?

Yes, it is free.

Is there an IOS App?

We are working on the IOS version of the Biorower app. At the moment, only Android is supported.

Can I adjust the resistance?

Yes. The resistance is adjustable on the Club and on the Pro Series.

How is resistance generated?

We use a tripple mechanism: an airfan, a heavy rotation disk (which creates the inertia comparable to the boat flow in the water) and an adjustable magnetic brake, which allows to fine tune the resistance at the catch but also the brake speed of the airfan.
This tripple system is the result of more than 20 years of research and refinement.

Are there used models and demo models available?

Rarely, there are used models on the market, and sometimes even demo models. Please send your inquiry to info@biorower.com

What is the maximum user weight on the Biorower?

We can confirm a max user weight of 150kg, but it should be possible to load it up with 200kg as well.



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