Half the waiting time on all S1pro orders until mid-summer

What many people do not know: The S1pro still requires a lot of hand make work, just like the S1club. This is why there is a natural limit as to how many machines we can produce per year. The demand in S1club machines has increased – naturally. Never before has a Biorower been available for that kind of money. 

The S1pro was officially re-introduced to market last fall, at the HOCR 2018. We expected a slow start, but found the opposite to be true. As good as this is, we are at a staggering 12-month waiting list for all S1pro orders. One of our customers has a government funding deadline to meet – which is, you guess it: 6 months. So my partners and I got together and decided to add an extra production run to fulfill all current S1pro orders in 6 months. So, here is the deal: all S1pro orders we get until mid-summer 2019, will be fulfilled by fall / winter begin 2019. 



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